Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Well the whirlwind decorating, shopping, wrapping, cooking....gone by in a flash for another year!

And of course the family....

Jamie & Erik with their new aprons on...

No...I wasn't really sitting on her....

Yes...all the granddogs were there with all their new toys from Santa

...and my fuzzy kids 

And...more pictures of our new engagement Jamie & Erik.....

On one knee.....

Big brother and son-in-law to be....

Proud Uncle
Well, what a December to remember, college graduation, engagement, many memories...thats what it is all about, right?  Happy New Year,

Linda Sue

Friday, December 16, 2011

What a wonderful day!!

Well it has been like forever since I have posted something on my blog.  Not too much to post about...kind of  boring....until today!!  My daughter, Jamie had her big day today and graduated from UCF with her Accounting degree.  We all are so happy and proud of this accomplishment!

Here she is after her graduation!!!

But got even better.  Erik (her sweetie) and Jamie had gone to look at engagement rings earlier this morning...well, Erik did more than just look....
Yes folks, he got down on one knee and told her how much he  loved her and that he wanted her to be his wife!!!  Actually everyone knew about it...he asked me and the rest of the family if he could marry her....we knew all day long...I thought I was going to bust!  She had no clue it was going to happen.  At first she didn't quite grasp what was happening...but we all started crying and awwwing when he got down on his knee.  And of course she said YES!  It was all so magical and wonderful!  I am one happy mom!!!

So  beautiful!

Well...not much could top off this day!!!  I said the only thing  big that didn't happen today was that she was pregnant...haha..the waiter said "They are holding that news for next week"  And no, she is not pregnant!  Just beaming and happy!  I love them both so very much and am so so so happy!


Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm so excited....I just can't hide it....

I have been busy all day today!  I had a blast putting the rest of my new goods in my newly expanded booth at Art Angels...Lily Dily!!  I will let the pictures tell the story and from my previous post, you can see the drastic change...for the better!!!!

I love all the added much fun putting it all together....worth all the work....sanding, painting, waxing, cleaning, tagging, pricing, etc etc etc.....I kind of made it like a house in a way...eating area, dressing area, etc.  What do you think???

Here are some pictures of other dealer's them!!!!!  Enjoy and come and visit us at Art Angels!!

Love Love Love.....its a wonderful place!!!

Hope you enjoyed it!  Have a great and safe holiday!
Linda Sue