Thursday, January 20, 2011

Before & After ~ Still learning....

Well, I finished my second bigger piece of furniture transformation...still need A LOT more practice..

This is the before pictures

This is after sanding and primer on

Okay.....drum roll.....finished...had to touch up the drawer....then in my booth at Art Angels...FOR SALE!!!!!

......It is really scary to put something out there like this.....esp since I am a "newbie"
Here is more from my booth at Art Angels...Lily Dily

Didn't get any really good pictures of my booth today....was in a are a few of other booths...

Go check it out for yourself...lots and lots of great buys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Selling in an Antique Mall: Make Your Prices Work for YOU

Selling in an Antique Mall: Make Your Prices Work for YOU: "With so many commenters asking about pricing, I thought I'd chime in too! Inis is right in that you should NEVER apologize for your prices...."

Selling in an Antique Mall: $100 Giveaway!

Selling in an Antique Mall: $100 Giveaway!: "Is it your new year's resolution to finally get a booth in an antique mall? Have you been pondering it for quite a while? We know you have ..."

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Art Angels....Out with the old, In with the new!

I was busy this afternoon at my booth at Art Angels moving EVERYTHING around.  Took out some things and moved in some new things.  Hope it gets noticed.  It looks better, less cluttered.  What do you think?
 Lily Dily
My shop at Art Angels 

These are the collector plates I picked up at a great price....
and selling at a great price

This is the little table I repainted..
pretty in pink and white

This is a great wood table ...with the Elvis Cookbook (or what you shouldn't eat)
Also added the stain glass hanging picture there

Okay there is the vintage purse...hated to part with it...but now it is in my shop ready for you to grab it!
And the little girl's vest my sister-in-law Sheila made...isn't it cute?

This is my little chest of drawers that has been placed in a better place...

Yes, I still have the orange and yellow glasses with the holder...
Maybe because I love them so much.....also placed the black telephone
table with the lemon plate set in a better spot..note the pillows next to it...
all homemade by Anngela....really cute!

Love the turtle print!

This new shop is right across from mine. Great prices...
prints and framed.....for all you wine lovers
This is a great shop near mine...
I love their stuff!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas, Thrifting Finds, & Happy New Year

This is a ornament my Mom painted.  I've had it for years.

They are cute!

These snowmen and santas were my Mom's.
So vintage right?
My Mom, kids and their loves, nephews.

My Christmas tree

Sue Bee and Butterflies: The Farm Chicks Christmas book giveaway!

Sue Bee and Butterflies: The Farm Chicks Christmas book giveaway!: "So many beautiful photos and people in this book.I'm leaving tomorrow for Montana for 2 weeks. We don't have Internet so there won't be very..."