Friday, May 27, 2011

Should I paint over antique wood mirrors???? Help!!!

Hi!  Quick is calling!!  I found a great find yesterday at GW...bought 2 very heavy antique wood mirrors. My Mom thinks I would be doing a "injustice" and "ruin" the wood on the mirrors by repainting them and shabby them up.  These are bad pictures, but need your advice ~ please ~ and ideas ~ thanks in advance!

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How much is that doggie in the window?

I got TWO very very very heavy wood framed mirrors
Great buy......

Back of mirrors

Poor lighting to really see the wood...but you get the idea...repaint or no????

Please Please me out here.....honest advice!!!
Thanks, Linda

Sunday, May 22, 2011

More New "Creations"

I found a great dresser at my favorite Thrift Saturday.  It was at the high price of $15.95 (Misquoted price before).  It is all wood and was painted white already.  I cleaned it and put a coat of fresh white paint on it, added some stencils, sanded, and added wood paste.  I added new liners to the drawers.  No before pictures....I keep forgetting...sorry...having fun and it is exciting "creating".  I hope to trade it out with a blah table in my booth at Art Angels.  I'm pretty sure it will fit right in.  Here are some pictures ~  and also more of the same other things I did ~  hope I'm not boring you too much ~

Good night folks...hope you enjoyed my "creations".  Thanks!!!

Homemade ~ Taking the First Steps

I found a great table that I thought was an old card table, but it has a piece that can be removed on the top. After researching, I found out that it is a sewing folding table & you can put a sewing maching in the space...hummmmm.  Anyway, it was way cool with metal rusty legs & a wood table brown with black on the edges.  I got some stencils, painted, sanded, painted some more, sanded some more, layers & layers.  Then I tried my first experience using stencils with some black chalkboard paint I had.  Sanded some more & added clear wax.  I forgot to take the before pictures (really didn't think I would be showing it)...well here it is...what do you think????  I want to sell it in my booth..not sure of the price...

 Well.....what do you think?  A lot of layers of colors and destressing.  You will have to enlarge picture to see what it really looks like.

Well...I was having fun doing this, so I had a plain wood tray (didn't take before picture of that either) bad blogger!!  This is what is turned out like ~

Yes..I have it in my booth at Art Angels.

Here is one more "creation" I made ~ it is a recycled picture ~ just the glass and the frame ~ painted and stenciled ~

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vacation Time ~ Soon to be Over

     My vacation time is coming to a fast close.  It did get better after the "yellow to silvery blue-lavender" hair.  It is getting better with each shampoo.  Last Friday night I joined my daughter, Jamie and my Mom Sue to have dinner with her honey's Mom, Debbie.  Jamie's honey, Erik is a Marine and is up in North Carolina nursing his surgery he had on his knee last month....waiting to get out of the service, go to school and join the police academy. We are so proud and grateful for him!!   Debbie is great and we had great conversation and laughs!  She will be a wonderful MIL ??!! to Jamie.  Here are some pictures:

Debbie & Jamie

Me, Mom, Debbie, & Jamie

     Saturday my son Jason & his sweetie Ashley took Me, my Mom Sue, & Jamie up to Wildwood near the Villages to meet her family.  They have been dating over a year & a half, so it was past time.  Her family are great!!  I felt a "friend connection" the minute I met Ashley's Mom, Janice.  She loves antiques and thrifting too.  We all had a nice lunch with Ashley's sister & her two little boys and the rest of the two families to include Ashley's dad, Mike.  Then we went to the Villages to the town that is based on Key West.  We had a blast!!  Here are some pictures:

Ashley & Jason
Mom Sue, Me, Ashley, & Jamie

Jamie & my Mom Sue
Aren't they beautiful?

Love the way they have the town decorated....lots of rustic looks!!!

Janice & Me
Hope to be good long time friends and family!!

They have lots & lots of golf carts too....
Holy golf carts.....

 Maybe the alligator should read this!  Yikes!
This is a little boat trip we went was fun!
Janice,  Cason (Ashley's nephew), Ashley, Jason, Mom Sue, Jamie, & Me

Cason (he is so cute and has a great personality for a little guy), Ashley, & Jason

Jamie Lynn
My beautiful girl!!!

End of a great day!!!

Here are some pictures of the flowers that Karen at Art Angels made up for me to give to my Mom for Mothers Day!  Aren't they beautiful...she does such a great job!!!  My "kids" gave me some beautiful lilies and a gift card to Micheals!!


Thanks for looking....hope you had a great weekend too!!!