Thursday, April 14, 2011

Homemade ~ Terrarium

I have found a fun new hobby....terrariums!  I did alittle research on how to layer your glass container and picked up some supplies ~ pebbles, rocks, charcoal, different types of moss, decorative items, sticks, bark, potting soil, and of course the plants.  I bought Succulents because of the slow growth and little maintenance required.  I made one for my Mom and for my Brother & Sister-in-Law.  Early Easter gifts...posted a few pictures.  Thanks for looking!

This is my Mom's

This is my Brother & Sister-in-Law's

Picture from the top

Close up 

I made this little guy with just moss, rocks, and decorations

I picked this Princess House at the Thrift...
picture with the top off

Put this together

Picture from the top

Picture from the side with top off...see the layers

Thanks for looking!!!

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