Sunday, May 22, 2011

Homemade ~ Taking the First Steps

I found a great table that I thought was an old card table, but it has a piece that can be removed on the top. After researching, I found out that it is a sewing folding table & you can put a sewing maching in the space...hummmmm.  Anyway, it was way cool with metal rusty legs & a wood table brown with black on the edges.  I got some stencils, painted, sanded, painted some more, sanded some more, layers & layers.  Then I tried my first experience using stencils with some black chalkboard paint I had.  Sanded some more & added clear wax.  I forgot to take the before pictures (really didn't think I would be showing it)...well here it is...what do you think????  I want to sell it in my booth..not sure of the price...

 Well.....what do you think?  A lot of layers of colors and destressing.  You will have to enlarge picture to see what it really looks like.

Well...I was having fun doing this, so I had a plain wood tray (didn't take before picture of that either) bad blogger!!  This is what is turned out like ~

Yes..I have it in my booth at Art Angels.

Here is one more "creation" I made ~ it is a recycled picture ~ just the glass and the frame ~ painted and stenciled ~

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KarenSue said...

The table is awesome! You are a creative girl. Your booth is lookin good!