Friday, May 6, 2011

I need a vacation from my vacation!

So, I took some time off of work to catch up on some spring cleaning, organizing, try out some new crafts and make some new terrariums at home.  Plans to meet my son Jason's sweetie's Ashely's family.  Lunch, visiting, and going to antique shops.  Sounds like a good day to me.  Vacation didn't start out like I planned however...I have had one disaster after another....First, I decided to color my hair, nothing new to me and never had any problems.  Well I broke my record this week and it was on the day of the Open House at Art Angels.  For some reason, maybe I thought I'm on vacation and no beach trip this time around, so I thought I would go "blonder" than usual...I mean I was a towhead up to my 30' what could be the problem???  Well....I should have thought twice before I decided to use "beach blond" color with my much darker than my towhead days hair mixed in some gray strands on my 50-something head.  I almost died when I stepped out of the shower!!!  This is what it looked like....ready????

Now, you really didn't think I was going to show you a picture of my actual hair did you??  Well you get the idea...and I had to take my Mom to her doctor across town and didn't have time to do anything to fix it!!!  My Mom assured me that my hair wasn't that bad....until after the appointment on the way home!!  Wow, you really stripped your color right down to the roots...I was so embarrassed at the doctor...was a few of the comments.   So with time running out for the Open House I was supposed to be at, I was in CVS picking out a color without ammonia that wouldn't turn my hair red or orange...ha.  So I went home and colored it AGAIN..did I tell you how much I HATE to color my hair???  Well, it turned out better....but now was a silvery blue-lavender color..kind of like...

Well, maybe not as silver...had more of a "tint" to after a few days of shampoos, it is slowly calming down!  And I did make it to the Open House at Art Angels, barely, with my silvery blue-lavender hair...missed all the fun and a lot of the people who came, darn it!!!

     Well, I thought thank goodness that is over!  Now I can get some things done and relax!  HA!  I went out Thrifting...did okay, and then stopped in Art Angels to straighten out my booth.  I was just turning around in Art Angels parking lot and my Mom called me on my cell phone.  Well, I answered the phone, put it on speaker, and sat it on my right thigh as I was trying to get out of the parking lot.  The phone slipped off my thigh right into my glass of WATER!!!!  Aughhhhhhhh...there it was sitting upright immersed up to the keyboard in WATER!!!!  Well, after taking my phone apart and drying it out with the battery out for the night, it is working now...thank goodness!

     So, I did spend today cleaning and organizing my kitchen...and cleaned my fish tank, spray painted some frames and, everything is going have the postmenopausal wonderful UTI!!!  Fell terrible...on antibiotics...real fun!!!  Well, later today I have a date with my daughter, Jamie to see her new office at her job (she got a new job in January downtown) at an accounting firm.  Then we are supposed to go meet her future Mom-in -Law (not official yet) for dinner.  So....I hope it is all uphill from here....and I can enjoy dinner today and the day trip on Saturday!!!  Maybe I should have gone to the beach, huh???  

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KarenSue said...

I vote beach, always the beach. That was not a good day, I hope it's getting better. And you missed most of the open house!
Have a good day trip tomorrow...Sue