Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love Spring....hate the pollen

Hi Guys!  Have been under the weather this past week.  Started out as allergies, I think, then went on & on, finally needing antibiotic.  Day 2 of Zpak and feeling better already....yahhhhhhhh....not much else to post as I have been sleeping on and off last few days.  Did stop by Art Angels yesterday to check in when I went to pick up my Zpak.....was getting cabin are some update pics!  Enjoy......

Pretty swan planter and Homer Laughlin rooster plate in my  booth 

Love love love this!!!

This is beautiful...all done by the talent of Ranee & Karen

Awesome as well.....

This goes with all the above great pic
Cute bird house....Art Angels

This is from the talented Sue & Kathy's spot
And again...beautiful spot of Sue & Kathy...they do a wonderful job

All kinds of my booth
More booth "Lily Dily"
Love this...

Lily booth

This is by front door of Art Angles and is beautiful!!

So what do you think??  Post your thoughts...and stop by Art Angels and see for yourself all the great buys and new great things displayed....Love it all!!!!!!  Now time for nap...

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KarenSue said...

I love your hats! Your booth is lookin good, don't ya just love it.
Thanks for the shout out!
Glad you are feeling better, see you soon. The thrift has been dry, not missing much.