Friday, July 1, 2011

Taking the Leap!

I couldn't resist when the hanging glass windows sold that separated my booth at Art Angels Lily Dily and the empty booth next to mine. It looked so awesome and my mind raced with what I could do with the two spaces together as I finally made the leap and signed the agreement to take the empty space.  My little booth was getting cramped and unorganized.  Here is the before picture ~

This is my looks like a mess!

Awwwww...this is the empty potential space!

Oh hold back the excitement!!  This is the two halves to become one!!  And its all MINE!  Baby steps from last October with first renting a shelf...then a small space, then to my current space, and now.......

Karen said I am famous now!  Lol!  Do you want my autograph?

Yesterday I took a lot of things out and took over the new space...added a couple of things ~ note hanging pot rack.
The space is so open and I am in love!!
Here is a teaser picture from I am moving in some small tables and such that I have been busy sanding, painting, sanding, waxing, did I say sanding?  Oh now I need chalk paint....I will post the final outcome soon...see ya on the red carpet!!

Heres a picture of the new beginning of the new Lily Dily

This is a corner of Lily
Dily...Sue & Kathy's booth is behind mine!

This is the other side of my new booth...more stuff to be added today!!

And again another angle....

Here is the table I did last month opened chairs and stools coming today...note the new bakers rack
I am so excited!!!

To add some more great things ~  my son and hopefully future daughter in law got a new great Golden puppy!
It is my fuzzy Grandson....for now the only one...his name is to be announced by this Saturday.  I went over and saw him last night for a bit!  He is adorable with extra large feet and very him!

He was playing with an ice cube....

He started to close his eyes...he is on shelf under their coffee table...but not for long!

Here he is with Mommy!!

Here he is with Dsddy and his duckie!!

He is so handsome!!!

And he is smart....knows how to play fetch already!!!  Of course he is a Retriver, but just saying...

Well, have to load up the car with all my new stuff to add to my new booth...I am so excited for so many great things!
See ya!  Thanks for looking!
Linda Sue

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

Oh that was soooo fun! Your booth looks great, a little rusty a little shabby, everything people like. You made great use of your space!! The puppy, oh, I could just squish him!!