Monday, February 7, 2011

Good Changes 2011

This may sound weird but I have come to a great realization. It started the end of October 2010 when I decided to try my luck and sell some antique custom jewelry and other small items at a great antique mall up the street from me. First I started with just a "shelf"....literally. It wasn't long before I wanted to "upgrade" to a small space. I added a couple pieces of furniture and other thrift buys to this space. I started to enjoy myself, primping and fine tuning my space. Met some nice people there too. That small space was soon outgrown by my increasing desire to bring in more new things to display and put out for sale. I decided to "upgrade" again to a much larger space in a great location in the antique mall. I have stayed in this space and feel at home there. I rent the space at Art Angels. I have learned more and more what sells, what looks right in my space, how to price items, and how to arrange and decorate my space to reflect ME. What started out as a has become a passion! I have found that when I go "thrifting", I am looking for things that "say something" and things that I can display in my space at Art Angels rather than just random buying "stuff" and cluttering up my house. I feel like downsizing my life and house and AM DOING IT! For the first time in a long time, maybe forever, I can breath easy and relax alittle. I feel like I am at a life turning time in my life like I have never felt before or even knew I needed. It does sound silly that a little space in a antique mall could bring up all these feelings and desire for such change. I have found a most perfect "hobby" and diversion to my everyday life that I have fell in love with. I am, for the first time, openly PROUD of myself and what I have accomplished. It can only get BETTER FROM HERE!!!! Thanks to everyone who encouraged, inspired, acknowledged, and believed in me. I feel as God has lead me to this path and journey to better find and know the ME....I feel so blessed!!


Lily Dily said...

Just a note....the pictures of the red pillow in the scale and the stepladder full of goodies is the booth of a great person Sue....she shares her booth w/her friend Kathy. They are a inspiration to me. Their booth is awesome!!

Kim @ Second Time Furniture said...

That is just awesome! Best of luck!
Kim :)